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Please click the pdf image  to download, an Introduction to E3 consultants, our sectors and experience.

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Defence - Land

Within the Land Domain E3C are specialists in the Electrical and Energy engineering requirements of Land Platforms. Including the design, development, test, and qualification of entire platforms, associated sub-systems and products.

E3C have an exceptional understanding of the demanding operational environments within the Land Domain, and the challenges and opportunities it can represent.  


We are leading experts in Defence Standard 61-5 Part 6. One of our Managing Consultants was even engaged by the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) to support its development to Issue 7. This puts E3C in a unique position to support our customers on current and future requirements.

We have worked with a wide range of Military standards (Environmental, EMC and more), and specialise in developing systems that enable the best possible use of Commercial/ Military Off The Shelf (COTS/ MOTS) equipment on vehicles/ platforms.

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Energy/ Power Generation, Distribution, Conversion and Storage are critical. E3C consultants have an excellent understanding of each of these aspects.

E3C have experience working on systems from Volts up to 25kV, from mA up to 100kA and mW to 100kW's.

We have comprehensive understanding of Battery and Capacitor storage systems (VLRA, AGM, Gel, Wet Lead Acid and various Li-ion chemistries, super capacitor, flywheel etc.) , AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC and AC-AC conversion, BLDC, PMSM, Induction and Hybrid Electrical Machines, Field wound/ PM rotary generators, Fuel cells, Electromechanical and Solid-State power switching and more.

In addition, E3C are uniquely experienced in ensuring that these systems have been designed to operate in the most demanding and extreme of environments including severe shock, vibration and thermal requirement profiles. We also specialise in often challenging EMC requirements, or with other specific challenges such as robust safety requirements and justifications (Supporting Functional safety to DEFSTAN 00-56, IEC/ BSEN 61508 etc.)

Transport/ Automotive/ Vehicles

E3C is ideally positioned to design and develop electrical/ electronic Power and Energy architectures from requirements capture through to qualification.

This could be a more traditional 12V, 24V or 48V system for higher power capacity and/ or mild hybrids or up to 1500V suitable for electrified vehicles.

We have the expertise and capabilities to analyse, design and create bespoke architectures, requirements, specifications, equipment and subsystems for every type of vehicle electrical and electronic power system.
This may be the latest plugin/hybrid battery or Fuel Cell EV derived powertrains for vehicles ranging from special purpose, transport, mass transport to light weight personal transport such as e-bikes.

Whether you require a full system solution or a specific part of your wider system application, we can provide - tailored energy storage, charging, drives/inverters and/or electrical safety systems. E3C can provide you with solutions from prototype to production ready.

Our systems engineering and design capabilities/ services offer a wide variety of services that complement our capabilities including modelling, simulation, design, integration, test, qualification, and certification.

Not forgetting our flexible Intellectual Property/ Design ownership approaches gives our customers true flexibility in how they proceed through the various lifecycles of a project.

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Test & Measurement

We have experience in all aspects of test and understand the critical part played by each aspect of a test solution.


With our whole spectrum of test and measurement experience from requirements mapping into test specifications, through to test, reporting and acceptance, with tailored solutions for qualification and production.


Our consultants have experience working with some of the leading test equipment providers where we work closely to specify, procure, build, and commission complex test systems and supporting data including measurement uncertainty, and statistical assessments such as Gauge R&R and SPC.

From de-risking to full qualification, test plans to reports E3C ensures that your testing requirements can be satisfied. 


Our consultants Aerospace experience reaches from requirements to manufacturing systems and technologies.

At a systems/ design  level we can offer experience in relation to aspects such DO-254 (RTCA DO-254 / EUROCAE ED-80, Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware), DO-160 (RTCA DO-160/ EUROCAE ED-14, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment).  We also have extensive knowledge of equipotential bonding and lightning diversion.

We also offer solutions within the aerospace manufacturing equipment and capability arena, including Airframe manufacturing equipment and test systems.

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Other sectors.....

 Our extensive engineering background combined with the common themes of energy generation, storage, conversion, distribution and utilisation have led to clients in many other industries drawing upon our services. 
E3C’s understanding of working with complex and rigorous standards, challenging requirements and constraints where safety and performance are paramount puts us in a position where our expertise is truly transferable (We have found that every industry has its own challenges!).

These sectors include established markets such as Rail and Marine to emerging markets such as Energy Storage systems and  Hydrogen Systems... 

We like a challenge, so why not contact us and see how we can assist you?

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